Our restoration centre, based at our head office, currently houses 25 men. Here we provide a home environment with a place to stay, meals and counselling. All the men are housed in dormitories with access to a swimming pool and recreational activities. We also always have a nurse available.

Our main aims are:

  • To take in destitute men and through Christ centred counselling, assist them in taking their place in the community again.
  • To assist these men in developing their self-worth through various courses. They are required to assist in the day to day running of the organisation.
  • To deal with the underlying causes of their homelessness, such as substance abuse and family resistance due to crime, divorce etc.
  • To assist these men to become employable again. Through the support of community members, we try and assist with part-time employment.
  • To aid these men in establishing and setting up a home, once they have completed their program and are ready to become part of the greater community.

Even though we can only accommodate 25 destitute men, we provide counselling/ programs to +- 150 others. Our long-term plan is to be able to increase our housing facilities to assist so many others.

The restoration programs we provide must be completed by all inpatients for a period of 2 weeks before we start phasing them into society.

These programs are not only offered to inpatients and those battling addictions. We have had Christian leaders participate, who took away a lot of value that they could pass on.

The Restoration Program covers an Introduction to the Bible, anger and stress management, depression, self-image, assertiveness training, restoring relationships, how to deal with problems and goal setting.

Should anyone in a privileged private capacity want to attend this program, the course costs R70 and this includes the manual.

The cost for our inpatients and any other destitute men are sponsored.

Please contact us should you want to attend the course.