welcome to Jerusalem Ministries

Giving hope and a future

Jerusalem Ministries, established in 1995 by Derrick and Di Darlow, is an organisation that has a heart for marginalized communities and in a unique way managed to develop a relationship between two such communities (destitute men and vulnerable or orphaned children), so that they have become beneficial to each other.

Restoration Centre

Our restoration centre, based at our head office, currently houses 25 men. Here we provide a home environment with a place to stay, meals and counselling. All the men are housed in dormitories with access to a swimming pool and recreational activities. We also always have a nurse available.

The restoration programs we provide must be completed by all inpatients for a period of 2 weeks, before we start phasing them into society.

Human Dignity Centre

Our child care program is split into 3 sections:

  • Pre-school
  • Feeding scheme
  • Aftercare

All of these are run from our Human Dignity Centre in the Western Area informal settlement of the Walmer Township in Gqeberha.


Isibindi is a nationally recognised community program developed by the National Association of Child and Youth Care Workers (NACCW). It was created due to the HIV/ Aids crisis and how it affected the children of South Africa.

At Jerusalem Ministries, we focus on Orphans and Vulnerable Children (OVC’s) in the eastern area of the Walmer Township (mainly the airport valley community).

Our Vision

To give hope and a future to vulnerable children and destitute people.

Our Mission

Our services will enable the children and adults to be resilient in the face of tough times and confidently pursue moral and constructive goals.

Therefore, to achieve our mission and vision we endeavour to embrace the following principles:

Encourage donors to make effective charitable decisions through our donor-centric approach to philanthropy.

Grow the Ministry’s unrestricted assets to provide for diverse community needs for generations to come.

Listen to the needs of our donors and our community.

Collaborate to work closely with the community to achieve their needs, our mission and vision.


We currently have 3 classes for children between the ages of 3 – 6. We try and limit each class size to 20 children per class, which will allow each child to receive the individual attention they require.

Feeding Scheme

Our focus here is on minimising the problem of malnutrition. Each child who attends our school receives 3 healthy meals during the day. For some, this is the only food that they will receive.

When possible, we provide food parcels for our children and carers, which is often shared with the greater community.


We also provide an after-care facility for +- 60 school-going children. We provide lunch for these children as well as assistance with their homework.

 They are also given the opportunity to be children, take part in activities and ball games, whilst indirectly learning life skills.

Make a Donation

You can donate either goods or money. Please contact us to find out what all we need.


While we primarily need Social Workers and Teachers, there are a number of projects that require other skills. Contact us to find out how you can help us.

How do I get involved?

We have numerous ways for individuals and businesses to assist us in our various causes.

Financial and goods donations are always welcome. We are an Article 18A registered charity so all donations can be claimed back from SARS.

We are also in constant need of skilled individuals to help us with elements of the various projects.

Office: +27 41  581 7089