Jerusalem Ministries

Restoration Centre

Aims of the Restoration Centre

- To take in destitute men and provide board and lodging until able to take their place in the community again.

- To develop self worth of individuals through motivational courses and including them in the general work of the organization.

- To deal with the underlying causes of homelessness, such as substance abuse and family resistance due to crime, divorce etc. This is done mainly by means of a thorough participatory course.

- To assist people to become employable once again and assist with part-time employment.

- Assist with establishing accommodation and setting up of a home on leaving the centre.

- Facilities and Program
Whitelodge - the head office of Jerusalem Ministries and the entry point for residents. Here we house 25 men.

160 men a year are given group counselling, and our trained nurse is on hand at all times. We have some recreational equipment, such as games and a swimming pool and all are housed in homely dormitories.

Recent Successes One of the residents from the men’s ministry has started an ice-cream selling business and has now moved out providing his own income from his sales. He realized that with winter on it’s way his sales would decrease, He has had an idea of turning old cabinets into biltong driers.

Others have found employment as panel beaters, drivers, carpentry and mechanics.

We are looking at starting up a woodwork project that will allow these men to gain some skills and also could be used as an income generation project.

One of successful ex-residents has come back to us, to offer the current residence temporary employment which could aid them in getting back into society.